First day of work !!

Welcome to my Blog……’shloch City’

This blog is actually alive since some weeks before this date (Mon 19 July 2010); i’m actually giving a boost to it’s posts from this day that marks my first day of work in the afrovisiongroup . It’s cool; realised it’s  definitely undergoing it’s run-up the(a) way i like;

How could it be different, when it’s made up of young men only ? I’n my projection towards the future(very near), i’m seeing lot’s of challenges just as i like; realized too a gap that separates me with people of the group. I therefore have to step it up ad meet up with daily tasks and be fully installed and gain full confidence (internally + externally).

Basically i have take a great hold on Kohana (a PHP framework); dive deep into Java(right up to the mobile domain) and and and master jQuery + Ajax. i know it’s work ouf !! but that’s what makes up a man

shoutout to @nara_l and @mambenanje who are going to be leading me way forward towards this.

Rain too made his appearance on this day (don’t ask me if it’s good luck or bad luck lol :D)

The rest of my experiences + fun + stressed-up situations + realisations + dating  + etc…  are  still to come up on next blog posts….

thanks for reading


3 responses to “First day of work !!

  1. Welcome man.You will get going in no time.
    Noting…the most difficult part is know WHAT?.Once that is known the HOW?is the easy part :).Cheers!!!

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