Second day of work !!

i think the first days of work for an individual marks the debut point of the trajectory he’s gonna be taking with the other days (good or bad); oh yes i strongly believe;

This is an account for my second day of work at  afrovisiongroup ; it was still a battle with kohana framework till Quincy gave me a boost with a damn powerful tutorial that marks a point of great indept understanding of that stuff …..aww !! it was beginning to trouble me 😀

Nara_L too gave me the official documentation and assisted me life here at work place (thank him for that:)::: the verdict there says => i’m beginning to understand; i’ve made up my mind to build a small website latest ext 24 hrs to apply what’s still more or less “virtual” 🙂 ;
i.e an application to manage personal contact adresses (proposed by izaneFG of Ingenieris) ;

next post coming on how i’m going to manage that; did i succeed or not ?; thanks for reading………….;

Met Berty online too while still writing this post message (great of friendz)…..
Ended up going home with cousin who came to see me (Nyohnufon)


4 responses to “Second day of work !!

  1. Cool Louis je souhaite vraiment que tu tiennes la route car tu le mérites bien; porte toi bien mon ami et surtout pense à te ménager par la suite. A++

    • oh yeah; mon pote; on se prends tjr en ligne; au travail; au phone..mais pas la meme fille ::: lol; merci beaucoup; je te souhait egalement un future plein de femmes; voitures; argent et CONNAISSANCES !!!
      Nous somme esemble A++

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