First web application with kohana !!

Yeah i greet you guyz; i know you are waiting i tell you i finished my application proposed by izaneFG on my second post; “NO” 😀

But my “NO” is not that out-standing; it’s a partial “NO” (yeah believe me 🙂 ) ;

Today marks my third day of work; i succeeded in building the controllers and models and views(rough, no pimped CSS); the controllers and models have been fully tested and functions quite well; i’ve put in place 2 databases “users” (to manage users) + “adress” (manages adress of users). Now where is the almighty hook ??? 😦

I – i don’t master very well the query builder of Kohana (but no problemo :d ); but there’re more than one way to building queries; I therefore alternatively use it’s query builder and maual queries (i do build my own SQL_query).

NB :if i should like the framework for one thing, it should be it’s flexibility

II – the almighty problem today was putting in place the session for the application; i struggled with the session library of kohana (nothing :D); tried the  celebrity primary $_SESSION variables; there’s a hook me and Nara_l haven’t found yet orrrrrrr !! 😦  dman !!! 🙂

now i’m tired, i have to go home;

i have to look at the session problem again or try using the ‘Authlite’ mambenanje proposed to me (he says the ‘Session’ library and the ‘Auth’ library aren’t that good ); he actually recommended the ‘authlite’ library to me :::::

Maybe i’ll dream the solution overnight iissshhhhhh !!! :d (i was supposed to be dreaming some gurlz !!! ;))  ;D) yeah !! i mean it 😀

i’ll be glad to make it through…………..

see you guyz on another post !!!!


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