Application finished…………..(partially) !!

Good evening guyz !!, just decided to leave this one for you before going home. I’ve Finally finished izaneFG‘s application just as the tittle of this blog post says !!!. I battled and succeeded with native PHP sessions. Actually it’s partial according to me because i did not use the library proposed to me by mammbenanje (Authlite). So i guess i just have to make a version 2 of the application using normes of #Afrovision. But i couldn’t see concrete notes (infact the way i like it to be) on how to use it. (Quincy is gotta give me something on that tomorrow ). I decided therefore to read on ORM. I did not understand. But i wasn’t on my full 100% potential somehow. I’ll look at it overnight. I guess by tomorrow i’ll be using it :D.

Got somethings on the head i now remember i’ve not used yet; files; image, email …ouf !! 🙂 all things’ll come gradually (i have that guarantie as long as i’m not dyin’…lol 🙂 )

i learnt one thing today from someone’s tweet hahahah !! there it goes ….

If you can solve your problem then what is the need of worrying? If you cannot solve it then what is the use of worrying?

i like that quote……..;;;:) it’s a wow quote;
See you huyz tomorrow for aother giant step on kohana (PHP framework).

Hey; one more thing=> i came to work first today hihihih 🙂 😀


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