A day like others (true or false ?)

Hey guz; second week; first day; this is the timestamp of this blog post…………….

It wasn’t overall not good !!!

I started with Lots of facebook then lots of Authlite; I understood facebook 😀 🙂 but not Authlite (damn). But i wasn’t that in my very active state today; i guess it was just a day not spring weather-like for me. You know what guyz; i’ll go sleep today pretty well and embark on recovery time tomorrow: i was assigned a task by end of day; i read read read; i’ll read more tomorrow and test a new sofware; i’ve never been testing that much sofwares  in the past except ‘on-the-fly’ debugging  when programming. I’ll stepping tomorrow like a rabbit’s “hop hop hop” !!!

Believe me guyz, there days you’re less productive than others; but whatever be the case; tryna learn one damn thing for the day……………………;

Confessing : “i do not like authlite”

Stay tuned to next blog post; i’m gonna tell you how the testing went on !!!


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