A day like others…(true or false?)

Hihi 🙂 good day friendz; don’t imagine from the topic that it’s  a not-good day;

This day was fine (very); of course a fine day is a day like others;

began with

-> rain

->i browse a lot on facebook (normale 😀 , i was chatting wit a certain “Opportune” from US and “Mah” from Yaounde);

->Then i glanced a little on a software my boss gave me to test

>after i dived into PHP codes. I went back to PHP framework “Kohana“;i looked again closely on an authentification library of the framework (Authlite). I succeeded to understand in an appreciable level that library (aided by Quincy); thank you Quincy.

-> then i spent a consistent time trying to test the company’s software and bringing in proposals (in collaboration with Gontran). Infact as i’m writing these lines; i’m still on it

->i think i end up with Facebook again 😀

But damn me i fixed and spoiled again my logging with Authlite; gotta glance at home Awwww !!! (i was supposed to sleep and dream something else aww !! :D)

Good evening……..;


One response to “A day like others…(true or false?)

  1. This is good Louis .Just keep up.Your background colour is good. but your page is so congested with text.Remember that images and colours communicate information faster than text for impatient people

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