many things..i learnt !!

hi friendz;i was supposed to work today on the website but i did not advance much on it today except graping the general functioning of it; but i’m on it tomorrow; meanwhile i profited to keep brains active with meaty stuff;;;;

-> i had an error message with pidgin (twitter; face ; gtalk and yahoo messenger client) reading something like this “can’t send message because text too large”. That always happens when i send a bulky message during chats

solution = i search in forums and found at this ; you just need to deactivate a plugin called “colorize” destined to color your messages when sent; this actually occupies some extra bytes associated with your message and the user is got less characters to send

->on the health domain; i learn one thing too : there’s a very important part of the human brain “thalamus” that produces “spindles” which are in return responsible for “putting off” sounds (noises) when one sleeps….(discovered by researchers)

link =

meaning the more spindles you got; the more easy you can sleep in noisy 😀

-> and that people with large waists are susceptible  of dying quicker

link =

-> i’m versed too with what is known as “open internet”  (many links for that through google)

i just can’t poor out how much i learnt today

the rain blocked me in the office till 9 PM ; till when i’m writing these lines

tomorrow is another day of work !!!


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