which to choose: tutorials or textbooks ??

Hi dear readers; one thing stroke my mind last night; it’s about a reflex that us  IT people tend to have in this profession. It’s the way we  gather knowledge to becoming professionals. Two options generally : reading tutorials && reading textbooks.

“A tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.” (read more here); meaning people learn here by WYSIWYG (what you see; is what you get) or better; “LEARN BY DOING”……and it turns out that learning through this method is rapid. You’ll know many things when u keep reading tutorials (in a short while). But then; one aspect is left out:::: the scientific knowledge underlying the tutorials you’re reading is most at times left out; and people tend to be very competent but incapable to scientifically back-up their professional doings….funny but luckily; all that theoretical stuff is not needed at work places..lol 🙂

Text books makes one rather dynamic is the sense that; all concepts are laid down in books; and with a brain that works out properly: that person can deal with very much varying practical situations (unlike tutorials which teaches you specific methods to handling specific problems most at times). But one need to take time to go through and digest all these knowledge in books. And we all know “patients” is something hard to get these days, plus it seems like wasting time on reading ONE book that tackles ‘so deeply’ a specific concept meanwhile technology is rapidly growing out there

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Shloch at AfroVision

AfroVision is where i’ve been working since begining july (lazy to go look at the date…loool); lately this last weeks; i’ve been working by correspondance w/ a client (programmer too) through the internet. Maintaining an online website; it’s been enriching me; i’ve learned to understand “versioning” of codes by SVN firstly with netbeans and secondly (through research) with a rich linux package specialised in this job called KDESVN. The next job i’ll be doing will be to take a design (in the internet for example ) and integrate in the company’s framework.

Something i left a little bit long time ago will have to be re-kindled because i’m about to go back into hunting knowledge in javascript. Just basics to be able to carefully customize all that ajax and jQuery stuffs in the web

while i was blogging this; didiblaise was sleeping; this is the proof::::loool ::

Didi Blaise Sleeping

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