Shloch at AfroVision

AfroVision is where i’ve been working since begining july (lazy to go look at the date…loool); lately this last weeks; i’ve been working by correspondance w/ a client (programmer too) through the internet. Maintaining an online website; it’s been enriching me; i’ve learned to understand “versioning” of codes by SVN firstly with netbeans and secondly (through research) with a rich linux package specialised in this job called KDESVN. The next job i’ll be doing will be to take a design (in the internet for example ) and integrate in the company’s framework.

Something i left a little bit long time ago will have to be re-kindled because i’m about to go back into hunting knowledge in javascript. Just basics to be able to carefully customize all that ajax and jQuery stuffs in the web

while i was blogging this; didiblaise was sleeping; this is the proof::::loool ::

Didi Blaise Sleeping

thanks for reading


2 responses to “Shloch at AfroVision

  1. HEY, thanks for commenting; as you can see this post was made last year and presently; i’m no more working at AfroVision….my research however was learning AJAX (in order to be able to bring reasonable interactivity as we see in the Web 2.0); but i’ve quite grown now…….i use jQuery for the job…thanks

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