Stop / disable email notifications from Facebook account

Good morning dear viewers, just decided to bring up this post ignited by my friends on facebook who’s got this problem, i’ll go straight to the issue;

go to your account settings :

Howto access account settings(facebook)

a page a appears, now choose the third tab with title “notifications”

the notification pages appears like the one below; now deactivate the check boxes that you don’t want their notifications to be e-mailed to you. Be careful, it’s not because you hate those mails that you’ll blindly deactivate all.

notifications to deactivate

notifications to activate/deactivate

Read properly, the’re still somethings I think needs to be e-mailed to you like most of the check boxes under “Groups” for those already using facebook groups

thanks for reading ….!!!



Just a saturday for browsing only

an interesting link for developpers; “50 Free Tools and Apps for Web Designers and Developers” =>

an excellent Krump dance video =>


just tested a tweetDeck pluging for chrome i admire this guy; greeaaatttt =>

the result gave me this =>