Secure further your Facebook account

Hello fellow readers ;); today i’m going to show you guys how someone can secure further his facebook account. I’ll go straight to the topic without literature :P.

I – Principle :

The principle beneath this technique implemented by facebook is this ; facebook saves (and notifies you through email) the devices (phones, tablet PC, PCs etc..) you use to connect with into your facebook account. When this feature is activated, login into your facebook account will now have two phases.

1 – entering of login (email)+ password

2 – entering of a name (desired name) that you give to your browsing device.

That way you always know and are sure of which devices are used to access you account and hence, the user

II – Demonstration

Login into your facebook account and access your account settings :

Configure your account settings on facebook

Configure your account settings on facebook

when the account page opens , on the « «settings »  tab, go to « account  security » and click on « change » beside

Account security settings

Account security settings

after clicking on ‘change’, this option expands and you can observe more details ;

Facebook security account settings Fig 2

Facebook security account settings Fig 2

activate the checkbox « Login notifications« ; noted on the diagram as (2)

you can now save the modifictions then, logout. Re-login again to see the difference :

after entering email + password ; you’ll be asked to enter the computer’s name ;

login into facebook (second phase)

login into facebook

enter a name that you can easily recognise ; after this step validate.

NB : If this is your personal laptop and you’re the only person using it ; it may be useless to always be entering the computer’s name whereas it’s your own PC. In this case, tick the checkbox below saying «Add to your list of recognised devices « . (save the device)

you’ll now be logged in without a problem, if you check the email you use in login with into your facebook account, you’ll notice that you’ll be notified on the device used to access your facebook account

inbox (facebook notification)


NB : when u save the device, facebook will not disturb disturb you with the second login phase whenever you use that device to access your facebook account. Now, when someone gets to log into your facebook account, you’ll be notified by mail, and if you don’t recognise the device (name + date + time + IP adress + region) as specified by the mail ; you’ll know that someone other than you uses your account, and can decide to take necessary mesures like changing your password etc….

Thanks for reading !! :p


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