Collection of online services + links(writing my notice)


After browsing a couple of websites, listened a couple of  technology programs(amongst which we have “funkyWeb” of GAMEONE); i found out a collection of interesting notions, technologies & links that i can share.  in order to store these items for myself too, a blog is a good idea…..
I’ll not respect any order in this post since the object is to gather important information and links here……thanks !!

Angry Bird (a prettèy nice chrome game)

Angry Bird

Angry Bird

a nice game available only in the chrome browser for now, accessible via

Coaster Racer (a free car racing game online)

coaster racer image

coaster racer

accessible freely here


Drift Runners (a free-online car racing game)

drift runners images

drift runners

accessible here :

Generally there’s a great deal of online games here =



Dropdo is a file uploading site that lets your files be viewed instead of just downloaded.

DropDo image

Drop do


Select Out

becuz we’re ALWAYZ tracked online by giant companies for their marketing,here’s a privacy manager online built 4 u ~>

Select Out IMAGE

Select tOut



Pick or skip

The first social network based on online video chat allowing users with similar interests and desires to meet and keep in touch, anytime, anywhere.

pick or skip image

pick or skip


 Your free website templates

design template image

sample design

download free website design templates here



RunPee (Helping your bladder enjoy going to the movies as much as you do)

Run Pee image

Run Pee

Provides approximate times for taking breaks while watching films in theaters. Includes scene spoilers and film reviews.


Thanks for reading……………. !!




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