Howto chat with many people at same time on facebook(conferencing)

Hello readers;
i was just browsing on facebook this morning and noticed this posibility, i don’t know how long it’s been there, but it’s now that i’m noticing……

Visualise this chat window, you can see me actually chatting with “Lenine le Nioki“;

adding a new friend to the chat

adding a new friend to the chat


Now, in order to add a new friend to our chat, click  “(1)” according to the figure above  and then choose submenu  “(2)”.

A small input appears to you in order that u input the names of the additional friends you intend to put……observe the window below;

adding new friends to chat

the circle area is the place where u enter respectively the names of your friends, an auto-complete list pops up when u start typing the names. When you’ve finished typing all the names you intend, click on “DONE” and a new chat window will appear as shown below;

conference chat window

conference chat window


you can observe the title on the window, i actually added about 6 friends…….(1)
there’s a discussion going on between “me + Grand + steve” and others…..

You can keep adding others to the conversation by clicking on ………(2)

thanks for reading……i was just writing my notice 😛 😀 🙂


Firefox Download Manager shows negative speed

was browsing and launched a download and i realized a very funny phenomena; the downloading speed was NEGATIVE………………. kind of looking like you’re uploading to the server (weird)

here’s a screen capture
screen capture

A rapid search on google gives me 2 possible bugs from  mozilla’s site which are :

At this moment, i’m on FIREFOX 6.0.2