From Africa to Silicon Valley

shoutout to all my Cameroonian IT professionals to begin with 🙂 🙂
Look properly and notice the heavy presence of africans behind all the big tech companies on this earth.
It means we know a great deal about wat it takes for development in this IT business. But  some conditions have to be satisfied for their productivity to turn tables.
This blog post is all about enumerating (non exhaustively) some of the flaws to deal with for our african IT developpers to shine like silicon valley

  •  academic programs must be looked back into. Some irrelevant things prior to the students’ major are still taught in schools; Studying for marks shouldn’t be prioity anymore; our tech teachers usually don’t have a great professional bagage so the knowledge they convey have question marks sometimes (when i even think that some of them dont update themselves with the rapid evolution of the discipline, this is crazy);
  • general poverty; the economic level of the country affects the youths so badly; so much such that they invest the energy they could use in their IT millieu for survival purposes; our parents don’t understand anymore why young IT guys should throw themselves in the wild in the name of business (start-ups; experience-gadering; opportunity-exploration) which involves some more financial expenses again after professional school (expecially the early years); pomoters to start-ups are not an easy thing to grab.
  •   i detect in the Cameroon context a disconexxion between what the youths know(their ability) and that of their leaders/parents/rulers in the country. Consequently, the youths cannot be promoted further ahead (as they wish) because thoze elders dont understand(almost at all) the IT language or anything around it. This situation is (amognst others) caused by the lack of recycling of the working fragment of the country; intake of non-meritting people; laziness (extreme laziness..uh huh !);
  • ariving to the ones that are actually in the wild, doing their thing (Technology thing :D) already, their problems arealmost same(but very serious still) : we got their internet bandwidths (slow, expensive), unstable electricity (both the flow and the availability); lack of devices (imagine android developers don’t have android phones 😀 atleast for testing purpose);the search for money too (survival reason) doesn’t give birth to quality IT poducts 😦

I’m not saying Silicon valley have solved all these problems; (by the way i’ve not yet been there this moment i’m writing this post), but pretty sure most of these flaws don’t exist anymore.

Because of these unfavourable conditions, appearing to lamplight may take consideranble time but i still believe when the primary strategie of a Techpreneur lies around quality, one will finally someday shine like summertime 🙂
Once Small shoutout to all Arican Tech promoters, dreamers, lovers, workers etc………..


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