Linux commands to get your hardware details

This is no new invention, i’m just combining already existing Linux commands to help others have results of several commands in one file and use the file for their needs.

You may be in need of the details of your hardware specifications probably to to go download the drivers. Windows users use specialized softwares for this. if you’re un Ubuntu, there’re commands for this, if you’re on windows, u can boot on a live ubuntu CD and type the command, get your details and move along:

Open your terminal and type :
1) lspci ==> it gives a list of your PCI devices
2) lsusb ==> list all your USB devices
you can sucessively type those commands , then redirect in one file (text file) that will summarize your hardware configurations:

Step 1 ; lspci > myHardware.txt // creats a text file in present working directory with PCI list
step 2: lsusb >> myHardware.txt // adds the usb list to the already existing text file 🙂

you can consult (and copy too) the “myHardware.txt” file and see your hardware configurations:

Finally another command gives detail informations concerning the hardware, so detailed such that for the processor (for example), you get different clock speeds, slots, capabilities,sizes etc.. of your cache memories (as shown in the fragment below).

Hardware details displayed from linux commands

Hardware details displayed from linux commands

But this last command only display the results if run by the root user. It takes some reasonable time to display since the informations is much. So when typed, you need patience.

command ==> “ lshw

To store in a file also, you can use

sudo lshw > myHardwareDetails.txt

Thanks for reading 🙂


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