Adapt to your slow internet situation

Good afternoon guys (i wrote this one afternoon 🙂 ), i got that bulb that shines on cartoons heads when they have an idea, shine on mine lol…. and this time is just a way (amonsgt many other ways – i’ll be glad to have them through comments) to make optimum use of your slow INTERNET speeds. I’ll just be coming up with the way i do it, and thanks for your contribution for more.

Firstly, whenever a site has a mobile version, that’s where i strike first: here are some of them

Facebook  mobile version :

twitter mobile version :

Dropbox mobile version :


– You could open your facebook normally and get it loaded once, just to visually get your notifications and chat, but open another tab on your browser for navigation.

– Use light weight tools: for the browser OPERA is a nice choice with a “Turbo” option for same purpose as this post 🙂  , pidgin for your multi-protocol chat client, Thunderbird for your mail client. Thunderbird is very important – once your mail account is configured, you get only your mail contents (your can even activate only text content) loaded when you go online.

– I even came out with a post on “ how to browse on twitter with your Linux terminals ” (i’m particularly enjoying this one 😀 ❤ )

– there’s a way to also upload an image to your facebook wall through the email (task that you can still do with your mail client ), the title of your mail will be the caption of the photo on facebook, so no need to write something on the mail body.

In order to get your facebook mail account, try to upload a photo on your wall through the facebook mobile version, you’ll be given your facebook mail account as shown in the picture below (see the arrow to my email) ;

optimise slow internet speeds

optimise slow internet speeds

– Search also across the plugin managers of your browsers and get some of them that can offer some services that we make you load your browsers with lots of images, and “useless” publicities to have same services like twitter (eg Echofon), plugins for facebook, plugins for your blog posts etc………

– i have two nice plugins i like : a speed dial plugin for Twitter + a speed dial plugin for facebook , they give you a preview of your facebook and twitter notifications as thumbnails when you open a new tab on your opera browser. This way it get’s you visit the sites when you’re sure, you really have things to view. Here is a preview from my browser .

speed dial add-ons for opera

speed dial add-ons for opera

Thos 3 rings on twitter vibrate when you have notifications respectively on your home + mentions + direct mails (The appropriate ring vibrates for the appropriate notification).

There are many other speed Dial add-ons for opera and for other browsers…..
– i’ll go as far as saying the operating system you use counts,  Linux is faster on internet to me than Windows (but i dont want to raise a debate lol 😀 )

– Material resources is also incontestably important. I’ll not ask you to buy a new powerful laptop, but optimize the usage of your baby 😛 :P, dont launch too many tasks when you’re browsing. You can for example use light weight music players that will also play music nicely to the ear as the heavy multimedia players but spare your hardware over-load 🙂 .

Thanks for reading and thanks for bringing contributions to this 🙂


3 responses to “Adapt to your slow internet situation

  1. Despite the fact that I don’t feel myself concern by this topic, I nevertheless find it very interresting. Good job mister Camerronian’s @Mateo21 🙂

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