I almost lost all my phone contacts

Hello guys…

One morning  after having an awesome feeling to navigate through my android phone options and apply the highest possible security that i can configure,i landed on the “SIM lock” options and activated “Set up SIM and lock“. I was asked to fabricate a PIN number, my SIM was then locked.

Now to unlock this option, you’re not only asked to type back in your PIN number, but also, the PUK number.

You can read more about PUK here

Not having this in mind and not keeping it safely too somewhere; i exhausted the 10-times-trial i was given with wrong codes. This permanently blocked my SIM and after reaching the mobile operator (MTN), i just had to obtain a new SIM. This also empties your contacts directory and so the operator can’t restore your contacts back.

If something saved me taht day, it’s because the phone contacts were stored in the phone’s memory itself….oups ! (tears of joy).

If something is retained, it’s the fact that: 

  •   You should keep ya PUK number in a safe place.

    Sample MTN SIM card, containing PUK number

  • when you activate this security option without knowing your PUK number, go and complain to your mobile operator BEFORE you exhaust the 10-times-trial opportunity (in some cases, 3) to unblock the SIM. Before exhaustion, the SIM is not yet permanently  blocked;
  • Know very well the security option you want to implement;
  • Back Up your contacts in anyway you like. Android offers the option to back up your contacts into a file with extension “.vcf” and stores it into your SD card (Other phones have their techniques, find out about yours);
  • There’s this website that can retrieve your PUK number for you in case you forget (didn’t apply to my country’s mobile operator when i tried; might be for yours) : watch this youtube video for explanation.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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