Cameroon’s football in brazil reflects how the Country works

Good morning friends, almost all Cameroonians watched their football team mistreated in the 2014 Brazil world cup. To me, our dear country’s situation was just displayed world wide in the form of football in the following ways :

Lack of patriotism

That is verified with the refusal to take the flag. No matter the situation, that scenario shouldn’t arise. In the population, everyone wants to travel abroad (not saying it’s bad to travel, but if some conditions are fixed, the motif for traveling will be more objective).

“Do you know who i am”

There’s a tendency for people to portrait how important they are especially when they have conflicts in the nation. The “bigger” they appear to be, the more they frighten their opponent. We regularly see this in the team as others double-cross the authority of the other : from Team Captain (Eto’o) to FECAFOOT to Ministry of Sport to Prime Ministry to Presidency.


We’ve noticed wastage of the country’s resources in the nation(like other African countries) as well as in this world cup. Think about the extra charges given to the air-transport company for the late arrival of the team (over 200 million F CFA), extra charges was certainly given out to the very large delegation that accompanied the team and also the not-so-necessary red card provoked by Alex Song  elbowing a player not having a ball etc.

lack of preparation and anticipation

The team did not prepare sufficiently for the event due to many factors like regularly switching coaches, wasting time with non-football issues like personal conflicts, players not living together meanwhile we had all reasons to prepare from poor performances at the former world cups. Will someone argue that the nation doesn’t anticipate things in most sectors of the society ?

waiting for conditions to deteriorate extremely before envisaging fixing

the team had issues since 5 or 6 years ago and all Cameroonians know about that. But why do we wait for things to go worst before reacting ?. We were temporally suspended by FIFA, we had sometime without a stable coach, we had other times when some players didn’t talk to each other and finally against CROATIA, we just spilled out football that doesn’t meet up to the standards of a world cup. Same scenario with our markets, town planning, hospitals, roads. I hope we learn to tackle problems earlier.

Old people with good speeches and appearances but no action

We have great players, probably one of the greatest of all times (the world knows Samuel Eto’o, Alex Song etc.) that do well in their clubs, but how come when in the national team it’s frequently football not-satisfactory accompanied by press conferences with good promises and speeches. Is that different from the political leaders ? : so intelligent, convincing speeches but then less job done. Let’s Learn people.

Lack of Organisation

Everyone saw team mates collided with the ball without talking to each other, just like unorganized schools, hospitals, government offices.

pay before service

Even though the players merited to have qualification pay check, the manner it was requested sounded like the frequent bribery scenarios we experience everyday in the society in the form of bribery: “pay before i render you such a service”. In this case, pay before i go to Brazil.

Not respecting delays

Hardly are development projects announced and realized in time in the country. The players arrived Brazil late

Not meeting up to the expectations of the population

people left their very important activities to say “goodbye” and “good luck” to those players from the team’s hotel to the airport (very long distance) because they had good expectations from the team; the whole country slept late on that encounter with CROATIA (meanwhile they have work the next day) still for the team to meet up with their expectations but nothing good came out that football. Lemme not talk about the very high expectations we have and are ready to support if we are ruled well as a nation.

I could keep citing the points, but the issue is not to bring down Cameroon. I wish we realize that we’re not portraying a good image outside. Since we have emerging goals, mentalities like Alex Song elbowing, or MoukandjoAssou Ekotto disagreement have to be tackled on an individual level, love for the nation too harnessed,  proper preparation for events etc in other to achieve our goals.

There’re lessons to learn here, Thank you.





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