My PROMOTE 2014 experience

Good Morning Dear readers,


For those who don’t know promote, its a trade fair where SMEs and international companies showcase their services usually in the Congress Hall venue in Yaoundé. We call it PROMOTE. This year’s promote was simply amazing. I will dwell only on my experience and the things that caught my eyes (especially as an IT specialist) in any order;

  • As you move along, companies give you tracks/papers having promotions, articles display, company addresses etc.. You may find yourself with a bag of papers.
  • Its also a place for fun and some party especially as it falls in the X-mas season


  • Internet wasn’t a problem at all because all the mobile operators and ISPs where present with free wireless everywhere. MTN and Orange had a table with smart devices connected to their respective wireless signals with the public having access for free (Orange particularly had a 15 minutes restriction, as time to browse free)


  • Making your way through from one place to another wasn’t easy especially by evenings…CONGESTION


  • Its crazy the traffic congestion that was present around the venue
Yaounde by night - PROMOTE 2014

Yaounde by night – PROMOTE 2014

  • Mtn wifi was spanning a greater perimeter coverage than Orange
  • It was easy to have a Calendar at MTN, i was refused a calendar at Orange stand
  • Orange confessed through a seminar that took place at PROMOTE 2014 that they’re ready to deploy 3G and 4G networks in Cameroon
3G and 4G experimental proposal by Orange Cameroon

3G and 4G experimental proposal by Orange Cameroon

  • I was fooled at PROMOTE2014 by a sermon that LED bulbs brighter than our florescent bulb and consumes less electricity….so i bought it  and the verdict: really consumes less but as for brightness, not always true. Let me be illustrative ;
    LED BULBS story

    LED BULBS story

    i told them i have the bulb on the right which is very bright and also economical…and asked them to give me a LED bulb that is also as bright as mine and less economical as they say…they gave me that on the left.

    VERDICT : its really not brighter, infact mine in whiter .

  • My best surprise at was the WII dance game at mtn stand, as well as the presence of a DRONE
  • Overall, it was a nice 2-weeks moment. Let me finish this experience with a photo illustrating the feasting that was going on at the entrance to promote 2014 🙂


party moment - PROMOTE 2014

party moment – PROMOTE 2014


There are many things i can’t mention, there were hundreds of enterprises….but this is my own experience 🙂



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