My fun controversy about good nutrition

Good morning dear readers; i just had some thoughts this morning about food that i want to share 🙂
Generally i’m brinking out some logic and making fun about science/public health/nutrition 🙂

Science is  looking for a way to tell us NOT To EAT again 🙂
They say “drink much water in morning; dont eat much in evening” . If u drink much water in the morning, then there’s no space for food and as  for evening, they make you not eat enough.

They also say “eat much fruits” .  Wiith morning & evening excluded; it means you eat fruit at day but no FOOD.


Remember, you have to restart the procedure the next day



Cheap life can have more quality

Interestingly, people bring to themeselves complications when there can be more simple ways (though not always) to do whatever they intend to…… (just saying) ……. after a brief reflection i noticed that :

– people buy expensive commercial albums from our leading pop stars , meanwhile they can have free quality (search-for-lamplight) musics from uprising artists (from mixtapes, demos etc..)

– people buy expensive wine which is more dangerous to the body than chip fruits and/or Mineral water;

– people hurry into accidents when they could just roll slowly and arrive;

-people buy expensive dresses just because an expensive brand is put on it; meanwhile the same thing is done elsewhere without the brand, less less cheaper 🙂

and u can keep naming the rest……………….

We really can do simple and gain enormously