Probable future school laws will include sanctions on internet actions

Good afternoon dear readers,

i haven’t made deep research but i just want to rapidly give out a thought that ran my mind.

With the Internet becoming a place where school pupils freely speak out their minds, the teachers they hate are targeted through this medium.

This has cost depression and discomfort for some teachers and subsequent insufficient engagement. Pupils are capable of mounting funny or provocative images of their teachers.

I rapidly thought to myself that probable future school laws will include declarations closer to those listed below:

  • “all students/pupils caught insulting a teacher online will be punished as follows…………………….”
  • “all student online accounts not submitted to the school authority for consultation  will be punished as follows…….”
  • “if a student is using a fake online account to bring down his teacher’s dignity, he be punished as follows…….”
  • “if any nickname used amongst students in online groups is targeting teachers, they’ll be  punished as follows…….”
  • etc..

Online interactions amongst pupil will definitely be regulated at the school level in varying degrees, in different countries. This is just evolution.


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twitter on your terminal

Good afternoon guys, this is another “no new invention” post, just to share something i think will be important for others.
It was a result of the search for a better way to use twitter on a very slow connexion, i found TTYTTER (a linux package that does the job).

Just go to your package manager, search for TTYTTER and install, or you can do it through the console as :

sudo apt-get install ttytter

After that, open your terminal and launch (be typing “ttytter”).

Just follow instructions : basically you’ll be given a link to open in your web browser, the browser page will generate a PIN number which you’ll be asked for in your terminal.

This PIN number is just an authorization for the client to access your twitter account.

After this step, you’ll be asked your login credentials and that’s the end. Your tweets will be flowing right in front of you.

To tweet, you type your text and press “ENTER”…….. Intuitively, you’ll get to understand the App.
Here’s my console window with tweets below :

Twitter on your terminal

Twitter on your terminal

I just highlighted a line with Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot‘s tweets 😛 😛
Thanks for reading 🙂